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SEM Labs is a small SEO consultancy based on the border between North Wales and the West Midlands; that specialises in increasing organic rankings in search engines (non-paid search results). SEM Labs - Organic SEO ConsultancyThis is achieved through research, page content and link building strategies. You won't find any pushy sales literature here, but instead information to help you choose a course of action that best suits you. All methods and processes are fully explained, so you know exactly what you are getting. If you are new to organic SEO, finding out what it involves is imperative to making sure you embark on an SEO solution that meets your requirements. For this reason SEM Labs provides an in-depth introduction to SEO, which can be found on the help page. For those who are already familiar with SEO, you can find out what services are on offer on the SEO services page.




Writing for Search Engines and People

As with all aspects of creating a successful website, thinking the content writing process through will likely l...

27 Aug 2009
Supply and Demand for SEO in the UK

The following table shows the number of monthly searches for SEO on a regional level in comparison to how many s...

8 Aug 2009
mod_rewrite Quick Reference and Cheat Sh...

This reference is designed to cover all aspects of mod_rewrite with minimal detail.

5 Jul 2009
Supply and Demand for SEO in the UK

I bet supply for SEO has had the bottom fall out of it due to the big spam culls over the last few years.

PHP cURL Class With Multi-Threading

Thank for making this available. I found a few other scripts, but the code was horrendous.

How to Stop Your WordPress Blog Getting ...

It is such a shame that the biggest blogging platform is such a disgusting piece of bloat.

Multi-threaded Stack Class for PHP

This is a PHP class to quickly download single URLs and stacks of URLs using multiple threads.

30 Jun 2009
PHP Strip Attributes Class For XML and H...

In the process of making this site, I needed a facility to strip attributes from HTML elements.

27 Jan 2009
Page Iterator Class for PHP

A common task in SEO scripting and dealing with APIs is downloading paged data – page iteration.

27 Jan 2009