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Is Article Submission Still Working for SEO?

A few years ago, rumors that SEO is already dead and article writing is already a thing of the past flourished. Despite being obvious lies and attention grabbers, a lot of people still believed those. But as you can see, SEO is still pretty much alive until today. But how about article submission? Does it still work? Is it still considered as an effective SEO technique?

The short answer to those question is yes. Article submission is still a thing, and many people are still taking advantage of it. However, despite being one of the most used and popular methods to improve SEO ranking, article submission’s effectiveness dramatically fell behind compared to other SEO techniques.

In addition, article submission can be a hit or miss attempt to improve search engine rankings. Why? First of all, some article directory websites where you can submit your articles are illegitimate and have low SEO rankings themselves.

Nevertheless, if you still want to do article submission to improve your site or business online presence, remember a few things.

  1. Always choose directories that rank well in search engines or sites that have high PR ranks.
  2. Never submit the same article to different directories. Do remember that once your article becomes tagged as a duplicate page, your site might experience penalties.
  3. Write or let somebody write high quality content for you. Aside from making search engines see your site, page, or content as reliable and relevant, the content of the page itself must be free of grammar errors, and is concise and interesting for readers.
  4. Also, the content you must submit must be totally related and relevant to the directory site, your website, and your business.
  5. The content you must submit should not look like a spammy spun text. For example, just choose one keyword or phrase that you want to emphasize in the content you will submit to prevent keyword stuffing, which is a big no-no in article submission.
  6. Integrate your keywords well in the article you will submit.
  7. Never forget to put creative and relevant text in your links’ texts.

Those are just few of the things you should be mindful about when trying to do article submission to improve your site or business’ online presence on the Web and become more prevalent on search engine results. Be sure to take note of and do them; definitely, you will see positive changes.

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