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How To Build Up To 550 High Quality Links

This link building technique has been on the block for some time; mainly used by modern web designers and developers to promote themselves and their work. The designers who have some knowledge of SEO have been using the technique to increase the rankings of their clients’ sites. My use of the method has shown it to be very effective at targeting not particularly competitive niches without any other link building. I’m talking of the kind of SERP when all your competitors are no more than PR3. This is particularly true if you have your keyword(s) in your company name. There are probably some niches that you could take outright with the technique alone, as many of the sites dispensing the links are high in PageRank – up to PR8 and most being 4+.

Design Bombs CSS Gallery

So, enough with the waffle. The method is submitting your sites to web design galleries – with most of them being known as CSS galleries. Not just any old site will get onto these galleries though. If your designer is not able to do anything beyond lines and boxes this is probably not going to work for you as its all about modern web design. Sites that use custom graphics and iconography tend to do the best. You also won’t be able to get away with sloping the design into tables, CSS is a prerequisite and many galleries will not accept your site if it doesn’t validate against it’s DTD. To give you an idea of the sort of sites that will do well here are a few recent sites doing the rounds: Postbox, Mail Chimp and Tutorial 9.

This is a really good way to build links if you are building a new site with the intention of SEOing it. Rather than sending your design out to India to be rolled off the template sausage machine, you could take your site a little more serious and hire a small company of modern web professionals or a hard-working freelancer. Having such a site built is going to cost you more for the quality, but at the end of the day you will gain a lot of natural inbound links that most of your competitors probably won’t be able to get. Take this site for example (SEM Labs); it has links from 157 unique CSS galleries. Alone they are probably worth a PR4. If I wanted to be the anti-Cutts and buy the same amount of links from the splog factory, I’d be looking at a spending around $2,000+. When you could get a similar design and HTML job for about the same price by a talented freelancer. So by taking your design and HTML a bit more seriously you can also set down a solid cornerstone for your SEO.

I’ve been using this for a while. In fact it was my first real good SEO trick 🙂 Over the years I have amalgamated probably the most complete list of CSS galleries in my control centre. You can find the list below with a few logo galleries thrown in too. If you’re going to submit to these sites, make sure you don’t use the same spam titles you use for directory submissions. This is not the gutter and should be treated as such.

Incidentally, if you are looking for a good freelancer these sites are the best place to look for them. You could always use someone from Eastern Europe if you’re low on Illuminati paper.

If you know any more please drop them in the comments. There are actually a lot more Chinese and Japanese ones as well as Flash galleries.