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Keyword Research

Analysing your market is an essential first step of any SEO campaign. Companies seeking SEO tend to want to rank for the most competitive general keywords in their industry. For example ‘SEO’ for the internet marketing industry. However, there are always a whole host of other keywords that can also be targeted and bring better conversions. For example people searching for ‘SEO quote’ are more likely to contact an SEO company than those searching for the much more general term of ‘SEO’.
The purpose of keyword research is to find out as many keywords that are relevant to the site in question. This includes searching for potential untargetted but lucrative keywords, such as ‘how to rank in Google’ instead of ‘SEO’ or ‘sell my home’ instead of ‘real estate’. Keyword research allows you to do two things: create copy that contains a wide range of keywords and choose keywords that are most suitable for your website and budget. If you are unsure of the possible benefits that search engine rankings could bring to your website, you can choose less competitive terms and if it goes well attempt to rank for more competitive terms at a alter date.
Not conducting in-depth keyword research means that you will not know how much traffic you are likely to get. It also means you won’t be able to construct the wide range of less competitive long-tail (multiple word) keywords which make up the bulk of search queries.