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How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

How much does local SEO cost? This is a frequent question most web owners and online businessmen ask. And it does not help that most Internet and digital marketing agencies do not disclose the price of their services until an individual becomes one of their clients. Due to this, looking for the most cost effective and inexpensive SEO services is difficult.

In addition, most people have no idea what SEO is and the services that come with it. This makes it harder for key persons to make sound decisions on which SEO firm they are going to hire.

This article will give you rough estimates on how much local SEO costs. Do note that different SEO firms have wildly different rates. Also, some of them offer multiple payment options and service provision methods.


Consultation Basis

The amount you need to pay for SEO consultation services is around $100 up to $300 per hour.



Getting a third-party SEO firm or team for your business can be costly. Most teams impose fees ranging from $700 to $1,400 a month. Some of them provide discounts if you want to set your payment on a yearly basis.


Fixed Contract

The amount that you need for a fixed contract depends on the amount of time you will hire your SEO provider, the number of people who will work with you, and the services will you request from them. You can use the previous estimated amounts to get a fair idea on how much a fixed contract might cost.

However, do remember that a fixed contract can be expensive if you deal with a malicious team or SEO.



To get the best out of your money, it is recommended that you get a monthly retainer or a subscription-based service. With the nature of SEO, having a long-time partner as your website’s online partner is the best option and the least expensive one.

On the other hand, do not get confused or conned by impossible promises that some suspicious SEO firms claim on the World Wide Web. Immediately run for the hills if the firm starts guaranteeing fast results and the number one spot in search engines.

Those promises are almost impossible for SEO firms to achieve. And generally, four out of five firms that provide guarantees like those that were mentioned just want to take your money and then provide you with forged results. Some even just run away with the payment given to them and disappear forever. If you want to get a trusted SEO firm to work on your website, do check out