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SEO: Analysis of 1 Million Google Search Results

With the analysis of one million Google Search results, an understanding has been made prior to the factors that correlate with the first page search engine ranking. The contents and the back links have been considered as well. And through the help of Eric Van Buskirk and other data partners, they have perfectly uncovered some good and interesting findings.

Backlinks Remain as the Significant Google Ranking Factor

You may already have heard the fact that back links from exactly the same domain have their diminishing returns. Thus, it is a lot better to obtain the links from ten different sites. And, it should not be enough to get ten links from the same domain. It has also been found out that domain diversity has its impact on the rankings.

Authoritative Domains Rank Higher in Google’s Search Engine Results

It is good to understand that the overall authority of a site has its strong correlation to the rankings than that of an authority of the page. It only means to say that the domain through which your page is found is better than the page. When you make an effort to increase the links, this can help improve the rankings for other site pages.

The Publication of In-Depth and Comprehensive Topical Content Helps Improve Rankings

Google usually determines the topic of a page by means of looking at the keywords. If the keyword has appeared several times, the page is now determined prior to the keyword used. But today, the topic of each page is easily understood by Google.

Long-form Content Usually Ranks higher than the Short-Form Content Found in Google’s Search Results

Long-form content has been known to outperform two-hundred or even shorter type of blog posts. And in fact, a longer type of content ranked better as compared to the shorter version. The logic is that it generates more social shares.

And, Google prefers for a longer type of article. Another impressive thing about it is that it helps boost the relevancy of a certain topic. Google now gets an even better and deeper understanding of the content’s topic. Apart from it, it also means to say that the site owners care on publishing only excellent and quality content.

HTTPS is Somewhat Correlated with Higher Rankings

It is obvious for a fact that HTTPS is correlated with higher rankings. But then, there is a need to check out the guidelines presented by Google. When you switch to HTTPS, make it a point to consider it only for SEO. If you will also launch a new site, you need to set up HTTPs on a day one.

Rankings and Schema Markup Have no Direct Correlation

Based on the analysis of the group, any structured data had no direct correlation with Google rankings. You may still make use of a structured data found on your site. But, never expect that it could have its impact on your rankings.

Short URLs Rank Better As Compared to Long URLs

When you make use of short URLs, Google can easily understand the link. But, for long URLs, Google algorithms only weigh those words and will not give you credit.

Now, you have learned more about SEO and the analysis of 1 million Google search results!