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Organic SEO Services

SEM Labs is a full service organic search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy based in the UK. We offer two avenues to pursue search engine rankings. One is to completely outsource your SEO – managed search engine optimisation. The other is to carry out your campaign in-house with the option of external help.

Although each search engine optimisation campaign is unique, they all follow basic patterns. Some campaigns may require extra services whereas other may not need certain services. To get an idea of what organic SEO involves view the flow charts below. Alternatively, if you are completely new to SEO drop a message on the contact page and we will see if we can offer you any assistance. Or if you are looking for a specific service, select the one you are looking for on the right.

Managed SEO

Want to outsource your SEO?


We will discuss what your requirements are and find out how to best move forward.

On-site SEO

Analyse and edit your website to fix issues, target search engines and people.

Keyword Research

Research your market to find the best keywords for your website and budget.

Competitor Analysis

Analyse your competitors to find out what is working for them.

Link Building

Build links to your website to increase its search engine rankings.

In-house SEO

Want to carry out your SEO in-house?

SEO Training

We teach you how to make your site search engine friendly and increase your rankings.

Link Building

If needed, we can supplement your in-house link building efforts.

On-going SEO Training

We can continue to support you and help you with any SEO queries.