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As with all aspects of creating a successful website, thinking the content writing process through will likely lead to a richer website and more traffic. Professional copywritting should consist of the following for stages: research, thought, planning and execution. When you are writing content for non-commercial purposes (such as a how-to article) it maybe not important to go to great lengths to create content. However, it is important to invest the time in getting content for commercial pages right, as it is your content that converts traffic into customers or enquires.

The following table shows the number of monthly searches for SEO on a regional level in comparison to how many service providers there are to meet that demand.

This reference is designed to cover all aspects of mod_rewrite with minimal detail. It will be of most use to those who know a bit about mod_rewrite and pros who just need a quick reference. Apache HTTP Server Logo

This is a PHP class to quickly download single URLs and stacks of URLs using multiple threads. It uses the OO cURL wrapper.

One of the most common URI-related tasks is to create stacks of URLs (multi-dimensional arrays), to be downloaded and stored. The main purpose of the class is to provide a simplistic way to do this.

Unbeknownst to most people who set up a WordPress powered website, they are also putting up a big banner saying, "I am ripe for hacking." While the situation is better than it was two years ago, WordPress is still a major target for hackers and some of the problems like lack of proper escaping (relatively simple to fix) seem to have been forgotten about.