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Handcrafted Pixels, Code & Title Tags

Having being involved in the web design game, I have quite a few designs loitering on the hard drive. Recently I converted these into fluid-width and fluid-height CSS templates and later into WordPress themes, which are now available for free use under the GPL. All of the templates/themes come with a font-resizing bar, which will increase the size of the site for those who have poor peepers and for general gee-whiz purposes. The bar is similar to the one above, under the RSS button.

This link building technique has been on the block for some time; mainly used by modern web designers and developers to promote themselves and their work. The designers who have some knowledge of SEO have been using the technique to increase the rankings of their clients' sites. My use of the method has shown it to be very effective at targeting not particularly competitive niches without any other link building. I'm talking of the kind of SERP when all your competitors are no more than PR3. This is particularly true if you have your keyword(s) in your company name. There are probably some niches that you could take outright with the technique alone, as many of the sites dispensing the links are high in PageRank – up to PR8 and most being 4+. Design Bombs CSS Gallery