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Free Web Design Icon Set

Here is another icon set that I made nearly two years ago. I always planned to make over 1,000 of these but never got round to it. There are 310 of them and they are designed to be used on web design projects, but some are also suited to be used as system icons. They are all 16 by 16 pixels, in PNG format and free to use in print and web projects.

Free Web Design Icon Set - 310 icons to be used on the web and in print

This icon set will probably not be expanded. There are already quite a free few 16x16 icon sets available. Instead I will be working on the 48x48 SEM Labs Icon Pack.


thomas Replied at 10:52 AM on 10 Mar 2009

very cool ! i will feature them on

keep up the great work ! :)



David Replied at 5:29 PM on 10 Mar 2009

Thanks. I tried to submit the other ones to your site, but the form wasn't having it. I don't think it likes referrer blockers.

joyoge designers' bookmark Replied at 11:50 AM on 10 Mar 2009

useful icons thanks for share..


Andrew Replied at 9:38 PM on 10 Mar 2009

not to be rude but any chance of getting them in different sizes ?

Such as 24x24,36x36 and 48x48

David Replied at 12:37 PM on 11 Mar 2009

Sorry, it would take ages to do that. If you want bigger ones look at the other icon set.

vicky Replied at 1:56 AM on 11 Mar 2009

I love these. very useful.

Harry M Replied at 6:21 AM on 11 Mar 2009

nice iconset, very useful... thanks

Nora Reed Replied at 1:46 PM on 11 Mar 2009

So many icons! What a great, useful collection

bossTao Replied at 3:02 AM on 12 Mar 2009

So nice a icon set.

Thanks for sharing.

SJL Web Design Replied at 12:06 PM on 12 Mar 2009

Thanks for sharing these David, they are very useful!

myw714 Replied at 9:10 AM on 13 Mar 2009

great iconset. perfect for web projects. featured it on

Lilly White Replied at 9:16 AM on 13 Mar 2009

nice set, thanks

shangzhan Replied at 7:34 PM on 13 Mar 2009

Thank you.

Oak Stevens Replied at 5:30 AM on 15 Mar 2009

Thank for the excellent icons!

Kris Replied at 9:04 AM on 16 Mar 2009


Please add your site at is a place where other people can find you among the best sites on the internet!

Its just started and we are collecting the best found on the net! We will be delighted to have you in the sweebs listings.



Kunter Iilalan Replied at 8:54 PM on 16 Mar 2009

exactly what I was looking for :) a lil' extra that someone always needs

kunlun Replied at 1:18 AM on 17 Mar 2009

great and nice iconset,thanks

zhaiyj Replied at 10:05 PM on 18 Mar 2009

good work! Ths!

Amy Replied at 6:30 PM on 22 Mar 2009

Gracias!!! son muy bonitos!!!

laolei Replied at 5:24 AM on 23 Mar 2009

nice works.

Hunter.Zhang Replied at 3:52 AM on 29 Mar 2009

Thank you for this wonderful icons!

pasquale Replied at 3:28 PM on 29 Mar 2009

great collection! thanks ;-)

Ryan Coughlin Replied at 12:22 AM on 4 Apr 2009

Love small pixel icons like this, perfect those projects every now and then. Great collection, they remind me of the ones on

nikah sekeri Replied at 12:02 PM on 4 Apr 2009

all things very nice

maket Replied at 1:06 PM on 4 Apr 2009

Thanks from Turkey for these great icons.

Sire Replied at 6:54 PM on 4 Apr 2009

Some of these could actually come in handy. Thanks for the tip. I am now forced to bookmark this page so I won't forget where to look when I've found a use for these icons.

max Replied at 3:29 AM on 7 Apr 2009

Thanks for the icons! They’re really great!

Mark Replied at 3:11 PM on 20 Apr 2009

great icons, just what I needed to add an RSS feed link to my blog. See it in action at

Attiqrehman Replied at 3:47 AM on 13 May 2009

Cool stuff i like most of them and it helpful for my upcoming and current project to use. Keep up the great work.

dass Replied at 3:45 PM on 10 Jun 2009

awesome icons

Diego Replied at 2:10 PM on 17 Jun 2009

It's so good, I like it

Daniel Replied at 10:44 PM on 17 Jun 2009

Excellent! Very clean, and action-complete. I believe this will replace the current icon pack I've been using! Thanks for all your work.

Calle Replied at 4:04 AM on 30 Jun 2009

Nice icons! I've added this set on iconBin,!

Keep up the good work!

johnsaint Replied at 8:02 AM on 9 Jul 2009

Truly iconic information and truly helpful icons. Thank you.

ankita Replied at 5:48 AM on 31 Jul 2009

lots of Icon . What a great, useful collection

Normaron Replied at 2:05 PM on 9 Sep 2009

Nice set of icon, added this collection to here.

Zoomuel Replied at 10:09 PM on 16 Oct 2011

Extremely useful icons.

Thanks a lot!!

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