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SEM Labs Web Blog Icon Pack

Slowly chipping away at getting this site fully online, I've made a number of 48 by 48 icons for use on the front and back-end of the site. I'm releasing them for free use under the Creative Commons (by) licence. Here is a screenshot and the download link:

SEM Labs Icon Pack

The other mini icons on this site are part of another icon pack I started about 20 months ago and have never really finished. There are about 300 of them so far and they may also be released in the near future.


Dietmar Replied at 9:05 AM on 9 Mar 2009

Very nice list of very useful icons! Nice and clean. Gonna use them for my next project. Thanx for this set!

Philip Downer Replied at 1:36 PM on 9 Mar 2009

Thanks for the icon love!

Jyll Heiden Replied at 1:45 PM on 9 Mar 2009

Thank you for contributing to the community! These are gorgeous!

Florida Web Replied at 12:52 AM on 10 Mar 2009

Beautiful Icon Especially the reply icons . Great work

jeasonzhao Replied at 7:36 PM on 11 Mar 2009

Thanks for your sharing! it is a good stuff!

myw714 Replied at 8:02 AM on 12 Mar 2009

great icon set, featured it on WebIconGallery

Ivan Replied at 3:38 PM on 12 Mar 2009

Beautiful Icons. Featured at , along with 300+ mini icons.


Ivan M.

P Mah Replied at 11:30 AM on 15 Mar 2009

Wow, thanks for the freebie! I'm sure I'll be able to use them.

Ivo Ivan Replied at 4:25 AM on 18 Mar 2009

Great work. Thanks

arveel Replied at 7:25 AM on 3 Apr 2009

Excellent icon pack. Thank you for the effort.

taylan Replied at 7:46 AM on 3 Apr 2009

Great icons. Thanks a lot..

Ryan Coughlin Replied at 8:36 AM on 3 Apr 2009

Hey, great icons! Very diverse alot of uses for those. Great work.


Mark Aplet Replied at 10:49 AM on 3 Apr 2009

Great Icons! Thanks for all the hard work and offering them up for free! Many thanks!

Les Replied at 7:24 AM on 6 Apr 2009

Brilliant, thanks for sharing these.

Carol Replied at 5:26 AM on 14 Apr 2009

Thanks for the splendid icon set -- like the 16x16 too!

giochi gratis Replied at 1:55 AM on 14 May 2009

Thank you so much! I'm using it now!

allen Replied at 3:55 AM on 14 May 2009

nice icons, i like them so much

Rahul Replied at 1:42 PM on 19 May 2009

Thanks for the icon share. Very professional icons indeed.

Msidor Replied at 11:06 AM on 20 May 2009

Thank you for the job! Be sure to come

Maribel Jiménez Replied at 10:06 PM on 20 May 2009


Danish Backer Replied at 6:19 AM on 26 May 2009

Nice Work!

Thanks a lot!.

jenn campos Replied at 3:29 PM on 26 May 2009

Grax x los iconos estan padres!!!

Sire Replied at 12:51 AM on 1 Jun 2009

Man, that's quite a collection of icons. I'll have to bookmark this page for future reference. It's nice of you to make them available.

John Replied at 4:51 PM on 15 Jun 2009

Great icons. Thanks a lot for releasing them.

ThierryDehove Replied at 3:39 PM on 15 Jul 2009

Nice Done ;-)

Calle Replied at 4:06 AM on 23 Jul 2009

Thanks a lot! I have listed these on http://iconbin!

Nick Replied at 5:26 PM on 26 Jul 2009

If I have a commercial web site with all rights reserved and copyright then how can I user proper this icons under Creative Commons (by) licence ?

Can you give me a practical example?

David Replied at 12:22 PM on 28 Jul 2009

All you have to do is give some sort of credit. For example add a sentence to your about page saying, "This site uses icons by SEM Labs" with a link back to this page.

Christian Replied at 4:46 PM on 28 Sep 2009

Absolutely nice icons, I like them and have wrote about them. Your blog have directly landed into my RSS-Reader^^


The Webdesign Icos are included, too

Ken Amirault Replied at 1:54 AM on 2 Oct 2009

Woohoo! thanks so much for the icons. I've tried many times, only i don't have any artistic abilities. These will change that perception.

I will point many people your way.

(bowing deeply) I'm not worthy!!

vipin Replied at 11:28 AM on 3 Nov 2009

Really nice icon set. moreover all icons are so practical. Great ones....


frank Replied at 4:07 PM on 15 Dec 2009

Hi your icon-set is really fine! Is it fully free, for commercial websites too?

Thanks for your answer and sharing!

David Replied at 5:21 PM on 15 Dec 2009

Yes. They are available under the CC by licence, which means they are free to use in any project. You just have to acknowledge the source of the work.

kalista Replied at 1:20 AM on 29 Dec 2009

thank you for the great share for the icon man, really appreciate..

Gardoku Replied at 6:02 PM on 15 Oct 2010

Thanks for the icos, they are so cool!

yoya971 Replied at 1:42 AM on 12 Nov 2010

Thx a lot for this icon-set.



mhsd Replied at 7:45 AM on 2 Jan 2011

thank you for the great buttons

alpru Replied at 2:40 AM on 26 Jan 2011

Great icons. Thanks

kasenhoo Replied at 3:07 AM on 22 Jun 2011

thanks..nice icon..

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