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Your website is going to be a gold mine of sorts, that is, if you’re willing to take care of it. Services like this one will make sure that your website isn’t hit with large penalties, and not having them taken care of. In order to properly recovery from some sort of penalty, it’s going to take some efficient investigating. All of our experienced SEO experts know where to start, as well as where to finish; so you can rest knowing that your penalty will be taken care of in due time. Most of the time, these penalties are going to come in the form of bad links – when this happens, you’ll have to remove them in a timely manner.

When you’re running a business, you’re not left with an incredibly large amount of time, and that’s why we’re here. Our penalty recovery services will have you back up and running at your normal pace in no time at all – the only thing you’ve got to do is have faith in us. We remove bad backlinks almost as soon as they’re identified, and that’s really a useful trait.

With our penalty recovery services, you’ll never have to ponder whether you’ve got bad backlinks or not; we’ll sniff them out and remove them before you’re even aware most of the time.

How Do You Remove Links?

If a link is considered bad, we automatically take a look at it and decide our actions from there. The chances of there being a false flag are incredibly slim, and that’s why we take away any poisonous links that we see. Removing them will improve the SEO rankings that your website is experiencing, as well as many other things.
We remove links that would pertain to stuff like:

  • Any websites that are considered “link farms”
  • Websites that are known for social bookmarking
  • Comments that are auto-approved, and have links within them
  • Forum posts or comments that have a lot of “money keywords” stuffed into them
  • Pages that have nothing on them, except an abundance of links
  • Any sort of link that doesn’t pertain to your specific niche/market
  • A link that has no indexed pages in regards to any of the major search engine SERP’s

These are just a few of the many different symptoms a “bad link” would show, and that’s why our service isn’t one to take lightly.
Hire us, and you’ll be dealing with the best penalty recovery service around.

Manual Penalties & Your Page

Even if you don’t get handed a manual penalty from Google themselves, there’s always going to be lingering bad backlinks – especially if you’re never checking up on your profile. All of the trained experts on our penalty recovery team are aware of the terms “trust flow” and “citation flow”; both of which are crucial to the success of your website.

Hire us and leave everything down to the professionals – trust us!

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